Millinocket’s ‘American Loggers’ Open Family Restaurant 

A new restaurant is open in Millinocket and it’s already drawing in customers from other states.That’s because this business, the Pelletier Loggers Family Restaurant, has a built-in fan base.From first glance, you can tell this spot is unique.The décor is modern and a bit unusual, thanks to its owners, the now-famous Pelletier family of ‘American Loggers’ on the Discovery Channel.”I hope you like it. I think it’s turned out OK,” says Rudy Pelletier.He says they hope their new restaurant and bar becomes a destination for folks from all over, including their growing number of fans. They’re inviting them all to be a part of the family.”We’re from up north and we watch American Loggers every Friday night,” says customer Don Lavrie. “We like it. Feels homey.””They feel like they’re walking into the loggers cook room, and they just feel like home,” says Lisa Pelletier, Rudy’s wife.She says they cook everything up here from scratch, for folks with hardworking appetites. And they’ve already had a big first weekend.”I think everybody left here very happy, saying the food’s great. And I’m impressed because when they’re walking out they always have a carryout box with them, so that means they’re having plenty of food,” Rudy says.”You can’t come here if you’re not hungry. You have to come in with a good appetite,” Lisa says.Everything in the restaurant is in keeping with the show’s theme, but Rudy says the national attention that’s come from ‘American Loggers’ hasn’t changed the way they work.”Nothing has changed. We still get up in the morning and go to work. Because we can’t forget where we came from,” he says.So while he tells us the Pelletier brothers will stick with logging, with a capable team at the helm here, they hope this spot is an economic boon to the area.”It’s going to be doing a great thing for the Millinocket area,” says Lavrie. “For sure.”