Hermon Baseball Prepares for 2010 Season 

High school spring sports start this week. No competition for a few weeks, but practice is underway. This week is an early start for some of the players in baseball and softball. There is an extra week built into the sports schedule so that pitchers can start throwing. This afternoon at Hermon High School, pitchers and catchers continue to warm up before their home opener in a few weeks. It takes the arm a bit longer to get prepared for game conditions, unfortunately, the rain is keeping them inside.Doug McGinley – Hermon Coach”Last week, we were dragging the field. We were excited. Tryouts were actually going to be on the field this year for the first time in a long time and then the rain comes and now we’re thinking tryouts are going to be inside.”Greg Hamlin – Hermon Pitcher”For some reason, whenever baseball season gets here, the weather just starts to turn and so it keeps us inside and cooped up when we’d rather be on the field getting things done.”Cody Veilleux – Hermon Pitcher”I wish the weather would stay nice so we could get out on the field. Next week are tryouts so it’d be nice to be playing on the field but with the rain, I don’t know how it’s going to work out. It’s better than snow, I guess.”