Troop Greeters; Millionth Troop Greeted 

Troop Greeters at the Bangor International Airport say that as of early Monday morning they have watched one million troops leave the airport. A little after midnight Monday morning, a plane carrying troops from Fort Carson arrived in Bangor on its way over to Iraq.Don Kohl of the Maine Troop Greeters says his job can be difficult and sad, or even uplifting, depending on the day.But he says it’s important for troops to have someone to see them off.Especially if they have no family in the area. “Many of us have had personal experiences, either as being troops, or having family members as troops. And the recognition of where they’re going and what they’re putting themselves in harms way and hopefully coming back from,” Said Kohl.According to their website the Bangor International Airport is the nation’s main departure and arrival point for troops serving our country around the world.Officials say the original troop greeters began greeting the troops returning from operation Desert Storm.