Group in Bangor Thanks Michaud for Healthcare Vote 

President Barack Obama is expected to sign the health care bill Tuesday, after the House of Representatives passed the measure Sunday night 219 to 212.Representatives Chellie Pingree and Mike Michaud were among the lawmakers voting for the legislation.Monday, a group of Mainers showed up at their offices to say thank you.These folks dropped off some baked goods, balloons and a card at Congressman Michaud’s office in Bangor.Jesse Graham, Executive Director of the Maine People’s Alliance says his organization has been working on healthcare reform since 1982. He says although this bill doesn’t do everything they’d like to see, it takes our country in the right direction. “We know it was a tough vote, but it was very important for this country, a huge step forward in covering all citizens of the United States.”When they got up to the office, each person told Michaud representatives why they were so grateful for the bill.