Abbott Resident Celebrates 100th Birthday 

An Abbott resident is celebrating her centennial birthday on Monday, March 22nd.Louise Carter says there’s a very simple solution for staying 100 years young.As Joy Hollowell tells us, it all boils down to two things- quilting, and a cat.=========”Happy Birthday to you…”Monday was a milestone for Louise Carter. The Abbott resident celebrated her 100th birthday, at her home.”I’m indepdendent and I’ve got a lot of willpower,” says Carter.That’s an understatement. You see- Louise Carter wasn’t supposed to make 100. At the age of 38, she was diagnosed with cancer. Doctors told Carter she had three weeks left to live, unless she chose to amputate her arm. Carter chose to live.”when I first lost my arm, I did sewing to help me get food and things. I made hem pants and zippers for Jackson in Guilford,” says Carter.She also learned how to quilt.”I can handle it, I put things on my arm and pin it.”Carter has made 3 quilts, and a lot of admirers, including Roger Forrester.”When I came here, I was sick and down and out,” says Forrester, whose known Carter for 7 years. “And I came here to visit with her and gosh, when I left here, I was running. That’s how much she inspired me.”Carter’s can-do attitude doesn’t stop with a needle and thread. She shoveled snow up until the age of 80, and just last week, baked five loaves of bread.She also spends lots of time with her cat.”That cat, I couldn’t live without him,” says Carter.As for how Carter plans to keep on living…Well, that’s an easy one.”I’m going to make another quilt,” she says.=======In honor of Louise Carter’s birthday, Governor Baldacci and the Maine Legislature sent her a signed proclamation.