Maine Warden Service Reminding Folks when Open Fishing Season Starts 

The warm temperatures have many brooks, streams and lakes clear of ice, which might have some folks tempted to go open water fishing.But as Meghan Hayward tells us, the Maine Warden Service has an important reminder for those folks.” Open water fishing on brooks, streams and rivers opens April first, as it always has.”Sergeant Alan Gillis with the Maine Warden Service is reminding folks that even though the weather conditions are perfect for open water fishing, the season has not officially started. ” I would expect it would be very tempting now to go by a brook to see that it’s wide open, the water level is down and perhaps the fish are beginning to rise and it would be very tempting.”If someone does decide to go open water fishing before April, there could be consequences.” A summons would be issued and it would cost the person a fine.”Gillis says in some instances, the person’s fishing license could be revoked if necessary.Something else folks want to pay attention to is the new law book.In previous years, there has been a separate ice fishing and open water fishing book.But now, they have combined them. They are also good for two years now.” So when you purchase your license this year and you get your law book you want to make sure you hold onto it because we won’t be issuing another one next year.”Gillis says it’s still considered ice fishing season.But that doesn’t mean it’s safe.” The ice conditions have become horrible. We’ve had a lot of warm weather and a lot of rain. There’s a lot of places where perhaps there’s ice out on the lake but the shorelines have all started to open up.”Gillis says to beware of places with spring holes and that are near running water.He says most importantly, always bring someone with you and it’s not a bad idea to have a life jacket on.