Bangor Author 

If you enjoy reading fantasies, that can also offer some humor and mystery.There’s a new book you might want to check out.”Friend of the Undead: My Life Among the Undead” is by Bangor author Camara Bragdon.Bragdon began writing at the age of thirteen and says a high school english teacher encouraged her to pursue her love of writing.She says this book is an urban fantasy about a vampire.Bragdon wrote the book with young adults in mind, but says it really is a book for all ages.She hopes readers can get lost in their own world while reading the book, like she does when she writes.” The thing I enjoy the most about writing especially in fantasy is I get to create my own world. I can make a world as realistic or unrealistic as I want.”Bradgon’s book is available on Amazon.And she’s already working on her second one.