Number of High-Paid State Employees On the Rise 

The number of Maine state workers who get paid more than $100,000 a year has nearly doubled since 2006.That’s according to a website of the Maine Heritage Policy highlights state payroll details.That information lets you compare state workers’ salaries and benefits and tracks property growth in every community.The policy center is also highlighting a new site:, which lists local spending information including school employee payrolls.Some at the center say they are watching the trend. “I’m nervous about it because at a time that we’re trying to cut back and have government be in proportion to what taxpayers can afford it seems like we have significant salary creep of more and more people being highly paid at the state level,” Said the Maine Heritage Policy Center’s C.E.O. Tarren Bragdon.Bragdon says the group plans to add to its website state payroll dating back to 1994, to provide an even better gauge of how Maine’s state salaries have grown over time.