Enfield man faces animal abuse charges 

An Enfield man faces animal abuse charges after eight dead dogs were found at his home. Another six live dogs were seized. Local animal enforcement officials are saying that what they found at the home of Jonathan Peare was one of the worst animal neglect cases they have ever seen. Meg Crocker, manager of the Penobscot Valley Humane Society in Lincoln, says she’s never seen dogs as thirsty as the six that were brought to her from a trailer in Enfield. She can only imagine how they managed to survive. Officials say at least eight dogs were found dead on the property, some in plastic bags. Crocker says when she received the dogs, they were starving and covered in filth. She says they might be yellow lab mixes, from six months to four years old. There are two males and four females – some may be pregnant. Crocker says though the dogs are not very socialized, some may be adoptable. She asks the public to wait until next Friday the 26th before calling about the dogs. By that time, she’ll have a better idea of which, if any, of the dogs may be adopted. To donate: Penobscot Valley Humane SocietyPO Box # 73Lincoln ME 04457