Hermon Fire Update 

The Fire Marshal’s Office says a fire in Hermon Tuesday night was accidental.Tim York from the Fire Marshal’s Office says it was a grease fire on the kitchen stove.Firefighters were called to the Clark Road around ten.Since its just down the street from the fire station, fire crews were on scene in minutes.But, flames were already shooting out of the home.The homeowner, Nash Reynolds, made it out safely.Firefighters from Hermon, Glenburn, Levant and Carmel had the fire under control quickly.Hermon Fire Chief Larry Willis believes the fire started on the kitchen stove—it spread through the home.He says in some ways, it’s good the fire broke out when it did.”It was good that it was this time of night, with the dew is set, because it’s very dry around here, so that wasn’t an issue. And the quick knock down saved us from having flying embers…so. We could have certainly had a woods fire at 3 o’clock this afternoon with this.”Willis says crews were able to save sections of the home, but there is smoke and water damage.The homeowner was not insured.