Bangor Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day 

If you were out and about in Bangor Wednesday, you probably saw a lot of green and maybe even an Irish jig.As Meghan Hayward tells us, there are plenty of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations taking place.A little Irish music and some jolly green fun.It must be St. Patrick’s Day.”It’s a lot crazier than usual. This is not a typical day. Once a year we all get together and have a really great time. See a lot of folks we don’t see other times of the year.”At Geaghan’s Pub in Bangor, owner Larry Geaghan says a lot of work goes into preparing for St. Patrick’s Day.”Over the years, we’ve added a lot more staff to the day, which really takes the pressure off. I bring in a whole new staff at 2:00. It’s too much for people to work an 8 hour shift.”Besides drinks and food, folks at Geaghan’s are treated to a bagpiper and some bands playing Irish tunes.”I know for a lot of people they know there’s going to be something happening here. They know it’s just fun, kind of a quirky day in the middle of the week a lot of times.”Not too far away, at Paddy Murphy’s, the St. Patrick’s Day festivities are in full swing too.Owner John Dobbs says they had about 50 people at the door when they opened at 6 am.”It’s a family place absolutely. It’s safe and very clean. We don’t tolerate, if you have bad manners, go somewhere else.”Paddy Murphy’s will also feature several different bands.For many, coming here has become an annual tradition.”I think really it’s just an excuse to get out. Do things you wouldn’t normally do. Wear green all day. I think people have a fun time, Irish or not.””This is the fourth year. We have a great time and we take the day off.”