Harlem Superstars Visit Milford 

Students in Milford had special guests at their school Tuesday.The youngsters were getting some off the court lessons from basketball superstars.Meghan Hayward explains.Students at the Lewis Libby School in Milford were treated to some tricks, laughs and important lessons. All thanks to the Harlem Superstars.”If we reach half of them then we’ve done our jobs to make sure education is important. Education will be the only reason they reach all of their goals and reach success in life.”The kids took that message to heart.”I think it’s really important because your job and all that affects your education and what your house is and your money.”The Harlem Superstars say they were impressed with the crowd too.”They were wonderful. As you can see, there was a lot of energy in the building today. And when we play that game tonight. The kids usually bring that energy to the game.”The Harlem Superstars will play the Penobscot Dream Team, which features our own Tim Throckmorton. All proceeds go toward the on-ging restoration of the Chaisson Field in Milford.Organizers say they thought this would be the perfect fundraiser and a great lesson for the kids.”I think it’s great for guys like that, that kids will look up to to come and spread the message about valuing your education, being respectful, not doing drugs and following your dreams and the straight path.”It seemed to be a hit with the kids.”It was really cool because of all the tricks they did and I really liked how they brought people down from the audience.””They did all the tricks and Super Chicken was really funny.”