St. Joseph Hospital Employees Support Marines Overseas 

Employees of St. Joseph Hospital in Bangor are sending their support to members of the military overseas, literally.They’ve collected care packages for hundreds of Marines.”We got back sometime mid-January, we were stationed over in Baghdad.”David Voteur is an employee of St. Joseph Hospital and a member of the military.While overseas, he got care packages from people here in the U.S., so now he’s happy to help send some out.”We received, it’s good to give.”Employees of the hospital spearheaded a campaign to fill the wishes of Marines serving in Afghanistan. The Marines are in forward bases and don’t have access to a lot of the comforts of home, so hospital staff started the collection drive.”Like the ketchup and mustard, a lot of the hygiene products that you run low on. You have this old mangy toothbrush that a new one you can have access to helps a lot.”This drive is so successful, the St. Joseph employees are helping more than 1200 marines in 30 units.The items will be packaged with a personal message, then sent out to Afghanistan.David knows how much it will be appreciated.”That’s one of the things that is so good about this project, it is a morale booster and it will help a lot.”