Police say a Topsham man Allegedly Lured A 5-year-old girl into his apartment. 

Police say a Topsham man has been charged with criminal restraint after allegedly luring a 5-year old girl into his apartment. According to the Topsham Police Department 29-year old Stuart Bull was arrested following an incident at the Whispering Pines Apartment Complex and could face further charges. Police say a neighbor, Lori Brown, saw Bull entice the 5-year-old girl to come into his apartment as the girl was riding her bicycle and her mother went into her apartment for a moment. They say Brown took immediate action alerting the girl’s mother as the little girl’s extended family happened to drive into the apartment complex. Brown and the girl’s teenage sister immediately began requesting Bull release the girl, at which time he refused. Police say the girl was released when an adult male relative smashed in a door in the apartment and took the girl to safety. Bull was apprehended by police as he attempted to flee on foot.