Update: Toby Trial 

Closing arguments were heard Friday in the trial of a Dover-Foxcroft man charged with killing his sister.Meghan Hayward was in the courtroom.”The family and Mr. Toby want to understand something that is so out of character of his past with his life and we want answers.”Police say 54-year-old Michael Toby killed his sister, 70-year-old Rosalie Shedd, in her apartment in October 2008.In closing arguments, Toby’s attorney Chris Smith said there’s no argument Toby’s actions resulted in the death of Shedd.But Smith argued Toby wasn’t recognizing his actions, felt like he was in a daze and was suicidal.Throughout the trial, Toby was described to have a schizoid personality disorder.”It really is a disorder where the person is very disconnected from society, has no emotional resources. They don’t feel the way someone else without that disorder would feel. They’re very avoidant of other people and can’t function in society. They have no way to cope with difficult circumstances.”In the state’s closing arguments, Prosecutor Andrew Benson said there may never be a meaningful explanation for why Toby did what he did.Something that’s difficult for family members to hear.”No one should have gone through what my mother went through. She did nothing but help her brother when he was down. We want people to know that she will not be forgotten and we love her and will always love her.”Toby became agitated Thursday in court while an audio recording of his confession was being played. But he appeared more relaxed during closing arguments.”I think he is under control with his emotions. He’s ready for a verdict to go either direction.”The family is ready for this ordeal to be over.”She was a very good woman. And I hope she gets justice so the family can get closure. I really do.”Toby pleaded not guilty to the charges and waived his right to a jury.The judge says he will return the verdict next Thursday.