NFL Pro Day at UMaine 

NFL scouts make their way around the country testing college players, compiling lists of potential draft picks or players they’d like to give a shot at making their team. Few slip through the cracks these days, and in recent years its shown to be worth it for scouts to check out the Black Bears.Tyler Eastman is the main focus here for the scouts. He’s an offensive lineman from Greenbush and Old Town high school.I felt pretty good… A PR in a few events they congratulated me, felt good about it.Eastman is 6’6″ and 310 lbs…. Pro size… Pro agility and he’ll likely get a shot with an NFL team this summer. There are 7 former Black Bears on NFL teams right now. The thing that has been really neat is the credibility we’ve established not only are the free agents or late picks our guys are sticking.Five Umaine players here this day and three from Husson University.Its been a stepping stone weather or not we play football what matters is being here and having the opportunity to do something like this.Matt Mulligan of Enfield was here two years ago, he’s been in the NFL ever since. Jordan Stevens is from Temple.Through Mulligan and Tyler worked hard, tried to do the same there is a possibility no matter where you’re from it’s the work you put in.Looking at Tyler, Jordan two Maine kids like Mike guys that got a shot to get a foot in the door then get to camp and impress and that’s all you can hope for.