Five Possible Buyers for Sardine Cannery in Prospect Harbor 

At least five prospective buyers are on the line for the country’s last-remaining sardine cannery in Prospect Harbor. Governor John Baldacci met with the head of Bumble Bee Foods, today, as well as workers and town leaders. Bumble Bee plans to close the facility in April, putting 130 people out of work. Governor Baldacci says C-E-O Chris Lischewski told him of the five possible buyers for the cannery, two are strong prospects with well-known names. The goal is to get a new owner in place before Bumble Bee pulls out. While state and congressional leaders try to help with that, members of the department of labor are talking with workers about unemployment, job retraining and social security.Baldacci says, “They realize what the opportunities are that are out there. There are some additional resources that they could tap into and if they wanted to try other occupations or careers, they know that they’ve have that also as possibility. So i think they feel a little bit more encouraged today.”Bumble Bee says its been forced to give up canning in Prospect Harbor because of a dwindling herring stock. The governor says he expects to have a better understanding next week about which company could most likely buy the the facility.