Bangor High School Hosts “Dancing Like the Stars” 

Eight couples, including members of the senior class and staff of Bangor High School, will compete in the second annual “Dancing Like the Stars” competition in Peakes Auditorium.The competition, based on the show “Dancing With the Stars,” and under the direction of ballroom dance instructor and choreographer Karen McCall, is to benefit the B.H.S. project graduation class of 2010.McCall says this has been a new experience for many participating. “Most of these students and staff have not done any type of ballroom dancing before and those who have, have not done the particular dances that they’re performing in this show. So, I think it’s been pretty exciting for all of them.”There are two presentations, one on March 12th, the second on March 19th.They will feature two themes: Bangor High on Broadway, and Bangor High Goes to the Movies.