Toby Trial Update 

The trial of a Dover-Foxcroft man accused of killing his sister continued Thursday.Police say 54-year-old Michael Toby killed 70-year-old Rosalie Shedd in her apartment in October 2008. He has pleaded not guilty.Thursday, the state played an audio recording of Toby’s confession.Toby is heard telling police he hit his sister with a stick and choked her with a vacuum cord, then put a plastic bag over her head.Some family members became upset hearing this and had to leave the courtroom.There were a few times during the recording Toby became agitated.Toby also tells police he never intended for anything like this to happen and he needed help and didn’t know where to turn.The state called a DNA expert, who testified the blood on Toby’s clothing matched that of Shedd’s.She also testified a stick found at the scene had Shedd’s blood on one end and Toby’s DNA on the other.”No one would suggest that this case is a “who done it.” The questions in this case are whether Mr. Toby acted intentionally or knowingly. And whether he’s legally insane.”Toby’s attorney did not want to comment Thursday.Closing arguments are expected Friday morning in this jury waived trial.Prosecutor Andrew Benson says a verdict could be returned Friday, unless the judge decides to take it under advisement.