Maine Hockey Team Supports Scott Darling 

UMaine goalie Scott Darling will not be with the team this weekend, but his teammates have not forgotten him.The Black Bears are backing the sophomore – who was suspended for violating team rules – as he works through a tough time.The Black Bears don’t feel as though Scott Darling let them down. In fact they support him. He’s not just a teammate, he’s a friend and a good guy.Will O’Neill”He’s a great kid and obviously we all have his back. He’s been with us for two years and we talk to him and support him in a tough predicament he’ll get through it and we’re all confident in that most importantly not only is he a great kid, he’s a great goaltender and he’ll be back. We’re all supporting him so its good.”Tanner House”Scottie is part of our family, our hearts are with him, we support him fully, and hopefully he can bounce back from this and if he needs anything he knows that the team is there for him.”Gustav Nyquist”We’re always there for Scottie during this time, just being there for him as a teammate. He’s obviously a huge apart of our team still and he will be in the future, we’re just trying to help him as much as we can.”