Governor’s Ocean Energy Task Force 

There was an overflow crowd of people concerned with the recommendations of the Governor’s Ocean Energy Task Force, a bill that among other things, will regulate off shore wind power. Ron Huber, Executive Director of Penobscot Bay Watch, says his group is concerned with any developments that could harm the fisheries or wild fish and birds of the bay. He says the main concern among fishermen is that insurance companies will require fishermen to say out of waters occupied by wind turbines. Beth Nagusky, co-chair of the task force behind the 30 plus page document, says the bill wouldn’t cut off fishing areas. She says the goal is to move toward energy independence in Maine. “The vision is that we can use those wind sources not just to keep the lights on, but to heat our homes with ground sources as well as run automobiles. That gets us off the roller coaster that oil has put on us to reduce the dependence on polluting fossil fuels that contribute significantly to the global climate change and other air pollution,” said Nagusky. Bob Moore, President of The Dead River Company, says directing the DEP to convert those with home heating oil to electricity could put 12-hundred of his employees out of work. “The part that gets my attention is the direction to a state agency to come up with programs specifically to convert people from one form of energy to another, that the state of Maine shouldn’t be picking fuels. They’ve done a terrible job in the past. There’s no reason they’d get it right. They should be concerned about winterization,” Said Moore. Officials have requested more time for the bill’s review. Some have recommended holding the bill over the summer before it’s put to vote.