Governor Discusses Bond Package 

Putting Mainers back to work this year. That’s the message from Governor Baldacci as he unveils details of a $79,000,000 bond package he wants voters to pass this June.The Governor’s plan calls for $62,000,000 to go to highway, port, and rail projects.It includes money for highway reconstruction and paving, trying to bring passenger rail service to Lewiston-Auburn, buying abandoned rail lines in Northern Maine, and funding for a deep water pier in Portland.In addition the bond package includes $17,000,000 for environmental and energy projects.The Governor says these projects will create nearly two thousand jobs, and save thousands more at a critical time for the state. “We can’t sit around and wait and hope for the economy to improve,” Baldacci said on Wednesday. “We’ve got to be doing our part and these projects are sorely needed and will put people back to work, make our communities safer and more economically vibrant.”The Governor’s proposal is smaller than a $99,000,000 package promoted by democratic leaders just last week.Lawmakers will aim to reconcile the competing versions, again with a goal of putting them before voters in June.