Former Mayor Suggests Restructuring State Government 

A former Bangor mayor is calling for a restructuring of a our state government.Larry Willey held a press conference in front of Bangor City Hall today.Willey says our state is in a fiscal crisis, so he took a look back at a report created by a state restructuring committee 18 years ago.Willey was a member of that committee, and says state leaders never implemented many of the recommendations.So, last fall he began updating the report and has now sent it out to state leaders.Willey says: “It’s not done for any political purpose or in fact, I think it’s pretty non-partisan. I quote presently several gubernatorial candidates on both sides of the political spectrum because both sides have some really good ideas.”There are more than 40 recommendations in Willey’s report, including eliminating programs, consolidating agencies and reducing the size of the state legislature.To see the report, log onto and click on news.