Thomas Hill Standpipe Tour 

It’s a spectacular view of Bangor, and you only get the chance to see it a few times a year.Once each season the Bangor Water District opens up the Thomas Hill Standpipe for tours.Folks are invited to climb the steps to the top to take in the magnificent view.Judy Nason is from Washington State. She was in town visiting a new grandchild when she decided to visit the standpipe, and she’s glad she did.”Historical, the building itself. Quite a rare thing. I’ve never heard of anything like this before. Maybe you have more on the east coast but we don’t have on the west coast.””I think it’s pretty cool, there’s a lot of stuff to look at you can see a lot of things.”11 year old Emily Burns is visiting the standpipe for the first time with her Dad.The standpipe was built in 1897 to maintain water pressure in the city’s higher elevations.The next time it will be open for tours is in May.