Maine Lawmaker Proposes Maine Split Into 2 States 

A state lawmaker from Aroostook County wants to see Maine divided into two states. Representative Henry Joy says it would let the people of northern Maine decide their own destiny.His two state idea comes after a plan was announced to turn over some 10-million acres of northern Maine woodlands to the federal government as early as next month.Joy says that means the land would not be able to be developed and he fears private property could be seized without compensation.Joy’s proposal calls for northern Maine to be called Maine, while the southern half of the state would be called Northern Massachusetts.”It would a chance for the people in this area of Maine to decide their own future and not have a group of 22 people deciding their future for them,” says Rep. Joy.Joy’s bill has to first clear a 10-member legislative council which he admits that’s unlikely. “Some people think dividing Maine into two states is a joke,” says Rep. Joy, now serving his eighth term in the Maine House. “It won’t seem very funny when the enviromental extremists get their way, and we see a forced relocation of the population of Northen Maine. That is exactly the plan of the 1992 Biodiversity Treaty, run by the United Nations. They want half of the United States to be returned to wilderness. Northern Maine would become part of the Northern Forest Bioregion, some 26 million acres of timberland running from New York to eastern Maine.”