Greenville Snowmobile Riders say “Plenty of Snow on Trails” 

For more than 40 years members of the Moosehead Riders, the local snowmobile club in Greenville, have been monitoring and grooming over 60 miles of trail.Members say even with a lack of snow this season, they’re out grooming at least three days a week. Chris Shields, Executive Chair of the Moosehead Riders Snowmobile Club says there is still good riding. He says,”There is plenty of snow in those mountains. Sometimes you have to follow a path to get on the trail, but there’s still good riding to be had.” Town officials say while the snow may not look plentiful, there is still plenty on the trails, especially at higher elevations and areas blocked by trees. Moosehead members say it’s been slow but steady this year. They believe it’s the beauty of the trails that keep people coming back. Shields says he expects the trails to be ride-ready into mid-April, or beyond if there is another snowstorm.