Newspapers in Education 

As part of a contest second and third graders at the Guilford Primary School worked very hard to create newspaper ads for the Valley Grange in Guilford.The Valley Grange works with the school on reading programs, like the Grange “Bookworms” and the Words for Thirds program.Today they found out who won that contest.”One of the things I liked as I went through them, were a lot of them are about reading and we love reading. That’s part of why we’re here to read with the kids and teach them a love of reading.”Members of the Valley Grange in Guilford asked second and third graders at Guilford Primary School to get creative– and come up with newspaper ads for the organization as part of a contest…. Jane Daniels, the school’s art teacher, helped the kids with the project.”We did talk a lot about the kind of benefits the grange offers. The third grade had already received their dictionaries, so they knew about that. We also have the bookworm club that comes in and reads with the kids.So they all knew what they wanted to put on theirs.”Today the kids found out who the lucky winners are. Chloe Hamele was awarded first prize for her ad. She said she was inspired by the school’s library, which doubles as an art classroom.”I was looking around and it’s kind of like an art room and a library together. So I looked around the library and looking for books and I just put the titles for them in the book stack.””The second grade we talked more about symbols and how symbols represent different things. So they did some brain storming with that.” Caitlyn Drinkwater – the second grade winner – has this tip for future contestants.”You could draw a person reading a dictionary.”Walter Boomsma with the Valley Grange, says creating the advertisements helps kids learn about real world careers in art.”it’s one thing to learn something in school. It’s another thing to learn it has a practical application.””I want to be an artist.”