House Scam 

A local realtor says beware of a housing scam.Emily Ellis found a house she had listed for sale in Hermon on Craig’s List for rent at a bargain rate.Ellis says she contacted the owners and found out they knew nothing about the online posting.Ellis says whomever is responsible has even taken pictures of the house and posted them on Craig’s List.She says the ad asks folks send money through Western Union or a Money Gram.Ellis says on Tuesday she had a couple come in who are looking for a rental and found a condo at a price that seemed too good to be true.That listing had Ellis’ name, which is why the couple asked her about it.”You know people today money is too hard to come by and housing as well. So if this is going to help someone else not fall into the same trap or worse possibly send money that they don’t have to send and would probably never get back. Yeah, we thought it would be worth coming in and make a point to talk about.””I want to protect the people that I work for. And also how is it that anybody can put whatever they want on Craig’s List and put my pictures that I took and put online.”Ellis has contacted the Bangor Police Department and was told they were unaware of this scam and would try to see where it was coming from.