Bunker Trial Continues in Rockland. 

The trial of a father and daughter charged in the shooting of a fellow fisherman on Matinicus Island continued Tuesday at the Knox County Courthouse.68-year-old Vance Bunker has pleaded not guilty to two counts of elevated aggravated assault, criminal threatening and reckless conduct in last July’s shooting of Christopher Young. Bunker’s daughter, 45-Year-old Janan Miller, is also on trial. She’s charged with reckless conduct.On day two of the trial in Rockland, friends, family and interested citizens filled the court as the state continued to argue their case.The state called Thomas Bernardi, Vance bunker’s stern man, to the stand to describe to the jury the events that lead up to the shooting.The day before, Bernardi says Christopher Young and Vance Bunker had a confrontation on Bunker’s boat where Young accused Bunker of cutting traps.Bernardi then said that bunker replied back saying, “So what if I cut your pots?”Then Bernardi said Young yelled, “I’ll *expletive* kill you!”At that point, Bernardi said Bunker pepper sprayed Young, and Young left the boat.Buernardi went on to tell the jury that on the day of the shooting, Bunker suggested that Burtis arm himself. Bernardi said he did so by bringing a fully loaded AK-47 and a 45 caliber semi automatic handgun.While Buernardi was the prosecutions witness, his testimony seemed to have corroborated the defenses argument that Bunker acted in self-defense.The trial will continue Wednesday, with Bunker and Miller expected to take the stand, before the jury begins deliberations Thursday.