Late Season Sledding Results in Injuries 

Several folks were out on snowmobiles this weekend for “one last run.” And there were several injuries resulting from bumpy rides.Two snowmobilers from Massachusetts were seriously injured when each crashed their sleds. One struck a parked camper trailer near a trailhead on early sunday morning.The other managed to miss the trailer, but struck a grove of trees. Neither are listed with life-threatening injuries.A rider in Greenville was taken to the hospital after his sled struck a patch of packed ice, launching the sled and rider Saturday afternoon. He has been listed in stable condition.In Bradstreet Township, just south of Jackman, a Winslow man suffered a broken arm when he and another snowmobiler hit each other head-on Sunday morning at the crest of a hill on I.T.S. 89.The incident remains under investigation.The Maine Warden Service is reminding snowmobilers to use caution when out on the snowmobile trails – day and night.There may be snow on the ground, but the trails are showing signs of spring.Obstacles such as roots and rocks, and open water crossings are showing up on trails.