Bar Harbor YMCA Trying To Bring Volleyball Back 

The YMCA in Bar Harbor is trying to raise money to get their volleyball program back up and running. Sunday some of the best volleyball players in eastern maine stopped by to help out. For the folks here this is the first volleyball tournament they’ve hosted in more than a decade. Their goal is to make sure the next 10 years feature a lot more volleyball. Suzie James is the Sports Director at the YMCA. “The MDI YMCA had a long history of volleyball here but now it’s gone,” says James, “and we’re trying to bring it back so we started this tournament just to kick things off.” Teams from all over eastern Maine participated with all the proceeds going to help them bring volleyball back. “It is a fundraiser,” she says, “we’re a YMCA and our supplies are really hurting. I decided to have this tournament to bring volleyball back and we’re also in need of a new net and new volleyballs.”Michael Good says volleyball is his passion. He’s been playing volleyball here for 20 years. “Some of the best players in downeast Maine are here right now so we have A players and USVBA players and other ranges in between,: says Good, “so it’s an opportunity to have a co-ed tournament and mix it up and have some really good volleyball.”Organizers here say the tough economic have taken a toll on their supplies but it’s also had a psoitive effect as well. “You know aht’s been really cool is we’re seeing more people come in to use our facilities,” says James, “I think a lot of it is wellness, just to bring up your spirits. The fundraising dollars were down a little bit just like everywhere else but we’re here to serve our community so it’s been great.”The plan is to bring a whole lot more volleyball to the halls of this YMCA.”We’re going to start withbeing here on Wednesday nights starting at 7:00,” says James, “we’re going to try to do this year round and we’re also going to try some youth volleyball here at the ymca hopefully in the fall too.”