Homecoming for Seth Wescott at Sugarloaf Mountain 

Sugarloaf Mountain drew a large crowd Saturday.And while some were there to hit the slopes. Most were there to welcome two-time olympic gold medalist Seth Wescott home.Meghan Hayward reports. ” Well I was about halfway through the course, there’s kind of this mental space that I’ve only gotten into a couple of times and it just kind of clicked in again.”Two-time olympic gold medalist Seth Wescott is describing the moments leading up to his gold medal finish in the snowboardcross event at this year’s Olympics in Vancouver.Wescott says he did not realize how close of a win it was until he watched it on TV later that night.” It’s almost like you’re outside your body and you’re kind of witnessing yourself doing this but it’s one of the greatest feelings I’ve witnessed in my life.And on Saturday several of his fans and supporters turned out to his homecoming at Sugarloaf Mountain.A place he says will always be in his heart.” I just keep going back to the sense of home. Nowhere else have I ever been in the world where I felt so grounded.”That sense of feeling grounded shows through his kindness to his fans.Wescott says they mean everything to him, and being a role model is a job he is happy to have.” That to me is a humbling experience. You’re realizing that through the actions of what you’ve done in your life you’re inspiring the youth of our state to dream big dreams.Sierra Baker is one of those fans, she was at Sugarloaf to welcome Wescott home.” It’s really nice to have someone that cares for you because sometimes you have people that just walk by.”Wescott’s mother Margaret Gould Wescott was also at the homecoming.She says she is extremely proud of her son and was happy when he won the gold medal.” I said my son just won a gold medal. I’m going to give him a hug. And I was crying and yelling.”Saturday’s event was also the kick-off of his 2010 “Visa Ride With Me SBX Tour,” where he will be traveling across the country to promote the sport of snowboardcross.Wescott says he has no plans to stop anytime soon, and you will be seeing him in Russia for the 2014 Olympics. ” For me I’ve never gotten to the point where you’ve accomplished a goal and not immediately set another.”