Maine Men’s Basketball on the Goal of the NCAA Tournament 

Tim Throckmorton

Many of the top college basketball teams in the country already know that they’ll be in the NCAA tournament. They have enough wins against quality opponents, but for teams like Maine in mid-major conferences, they must win their conference tournament to get into the NCAA field. Ted Woodward – Maine Head Coach”I think when you get to the elite conferences, the tournaments don’t mean as much there are 5 or 6 teams from those conferences that will make the NCAA tournament.”Junior Bernal – Maine Guard”Its definitely a lot harder but its been like this for years so its something we prepare for we just gotta take on the challenge.” And the challenge for Maine is to win its next three games. Two this weekend and one next. Gerald McLemore – Maine Guard”Its great to dream great to have motivation makes you play harder dream of big venue big crowd on TV it pushes you harder in practice to get to that stage.”It’s a stage that Maine has never been upon. There are 328 division one schools. 48 have never been. Maine became division one in 1962. Only six schools have been around longer that have not been to the tourney. The native Mainers on this years Maine team realize how big the first time would be.Sean McNally – Maine Forward”This is what people all around the nation look for besides the Superbowl and the world series and stuff March Madness this is what its about its playing in March to have the opportunity to maybe go to the national tournament and have people look at UMaine in a bracket is really something special for us.”Troy Barnies – Maine Forward”All 14 of us want to get there so bad and this is really important for us. Get through this weekend game by game but we really wanna get there and I think everyone in this community and state of Maine would love to see it too.”