High School Lawmakers Propose Whoopie Pie for State Dessert 

More than a hundred kids are gathering in Augusta this week-end to take over state government.They’re actually taking part in the Y.M.C.A. Youth in Government Program.It’s a chance for them to play the roles of state lawmakers so they can see how the system works. That includes introducing bills. The delegation from Ashland Community High School is proposing giving Maine an official state dessert.”It’s a proposal to make the whoopie pie the Maine State Dessert.”High School sophomore Dylan Cyr-Cormier is the co-sponsor of this mock legislation.Classmate Christina McDonald is the official sponsor.”I want people to understand that the whoopie pie was originated in Maine and that Pennsylvania thinks it was theirs but it’s not.”They’re taking part in the state Youth in Government Program happening in Augusta this week-end. Here, high school students run the show. Even though the results aren’t real, the whoopie pie proposal is getting some real world support from the President of the Maine Whoopie Pie Association.Amos Orcutt would like to see the real state legislature take up the issue soon, and if this week-end’s events are any indication, supporters might be in for a fight.”It already has created a little buzz and there’s already a move afoot to talk about possibly making the blueberry pie the official dessert of the state of Maine.””I’m not a fan of blueberry pie”The Ashland delegation is ready to debate their position on the whoopie pie.”I heard that one about the blueberry pie but maybe that should be the Maine State Pie, not the Maine State Dessert.””It’s not a luxurious appearing dessert, it’s kind of rural and laid back and it’s good.”