Food Cupboard in Dover-Foxcroft Receives Big Delivery 

A food cupboard in Dover-Foxcroft just received a much needed delivery.It came from several hundred miles away.Meghan Hayward explains.”For me, it’s exciting just to touch people’s lives. I was on the receiving end of this for many years and so now it’s nice to be on the side of giving.”Reverend Tom Bruce is the director of the Living Word Food Cupboard in Dover-Foxcroft.Their pantry, which serves between 300 and 500 families in Piscataquis County, just received a big gift.Thirty-seven thousand pounds of food.”This food is coming from Lakeland, Florida. Cahill Food Bank Ministries which is a major food bank in Central Florida.”Bruce knows the Cahills personally and when they found out the Dover-Foxcroft food cupboard needed help, they came to the rescue.But this isn’t the first time.”They helped us start our food cupboard by sending us two tractor trailer loads of food 14 years ago.”The cupboard now has so much food, they didn’t have enough room at their current location.So the town is letting them use the former Moosehead Factory as a storage place for the next couple of weeks.”It’s been a remarkable journey from a little shelf unit to now a whole building.”Bruce says the Florida food bank was able to do this because they had received an influx of food and sending it to maine seemed like a great way to serve more people…”There’s canned goods, box goods. We have some cosmetics like tooth paste, mouth wash. I was told it could be a number of things, cereal and soup.”Bruce says it’s nice to know that central Florida is helping central Maine.”If it was on the other end, I would hope we could do the same thing for them.”The food cupboard is located on East Main Street at the Old Central Hall.It serves folks the first and third Thursdays of each month from noon to 4 pm.The cupboard also helps other food pantries in Milo, Brownville and Brownville Junction.