Experts Speak Out Against Solitary Confinement 

Maine lawmakers are looking at a bill that would limit the use of solitary confinement in prisons.Today medical experts spoke out in support of the bill.The Maine Association of Psychiatric Physicians opposes the use of segregation, saying the practice has the potential to create and worsen severe mental illness.Dr. Janice Petzel, a Psychiatrist, says there are no benefits to solitary confinement. She adds more can be achieved through programs and activities that will teach prisoners social skills.”These allow even troublesome prisoners more not less control of their lives and avoid the humiliation and degradation which only breed anger, despair and the likelihood of further violence.” says Petzel.Statistics show that, as of February first, 48% of prisoners in solitary confinement were on some form of psychotropic medication.The bill does not eliminate solitary confinement as a safety option, Petzel says it simply limits the use of the practice.