Vine Street School Olympics 

If you thought the Winter Olympics were over, think again.As Meghan Hayward found out, the Olympic spirit is alive and well at a school in Bangor.Students at the Vine Street School in Bangor held their own opening ceremony for the Olympics.”We kind of latched on to the Olympic theme and in the early part of the year, each classroom adopted a country. And during the first semester, the teachers took the opportunity to gather information and weave in information about their country.”Besides the United States, one of the other countries represented was Spain.”The weirdest thing I learned is they actually have supper or dinner at 10:00 at night and they take a break from school from 12 to 3 for a siesta and they end school around 5 or 6.”So how do the kids think their opening ceremony was compared to the real one?”Well the real ones were really incredible. Ours were really really good, but I think the real Olympic ceremonies topped ours.”The school tried to make their ceremony as close to the real one as possible.The Olympic flag was brought in and they even had a torch.”Nat” Torch being brought inSchool staff say it’s important for the kids to get a hands-on lesson like this.”I think it makes a big difference on how much more they learn when they’re fully surrounded by the culture and activities. It really enhances their learning and gives them an opportunity to put some of their learning into action.”There’s no argument it was a lesson the kids were happy to learn.”I think it’s important. It’s not just our country that’s in the world. We need to learn about other countries.”