Old Town Food Pantry Needs More Help 

The Crossroads Food Pantry in Old Town has been lending a helping hand to those in need for nearly 7 years. Now they’re asking for a little more help to keep up with the rising number of folks who have turned to them.Keith Whitmore is the manager at Crossroads and says the need is on the rise. “What we do is anybody who comes in that says they need food we will help them.” Whitmore says at Crossroads that need has been on the rise. “We’re increasing families every week,” he says, “we picked up 115 children just a couple weeks ago, we’re doing around 2000 a month, people, around 600 to 700 families a month there’s definitely an increase.”Folks here say the numbers include people they’ve never seen here before. “We’re seeing more middle class because of the economy drop off,” says Whitmore, “you know we have our people we’ve been serving for many years but now we’re getting people who have never had to use a food bank.”That includes people who once donated food and other items here. “A woman that for years has been a donator, works for the university, got laid off, all of a sudden she’s in here needing help…so really it’s a crushing blow to people like that.”Crossroads is open to the public 6 days a week. Whitmore says the area they serve has grown. It spreads from Old Town to Veazie and all the way to Enfield and Greenbush. Whitmore says the community and local businesses like Hannaford have helped out tremendously but there are some items they’re running low on. “Right now we’re really in need of soup, crackers, pasta we’re getting low on, but soup and crackers is the big thing with the sickness,” says Whitmore, “everybody wants chicken noodle soup and we don’t have any.”Crossroads also provides clothing, heat assistance, and drug counseling for those who need it. If you would like to donate food, clothing, or other items you can call Crossroads at 827-1298, or just stop by there office at 2 Wood Street in Old Town.