Lost at Sea Part 2 

The fishermen are what have sustained this community for 200years or more. When they’re lost it really hits hard, even thoughit wasn’t a close personal friend or a family member, it hits thewhole community.Over the past year three vessels have gone down in the Cobscook Bayarea – the crew of the Miss Priss survived their boat sinking …however five others were not as lucky… Four of the men were found, butJoseph Jones, the stern man for one of the boats, remains missing.Russel Wright, a specialist with the marine patrol, used to fish thewaters around Lubec… for him, these losses hit especially close tohome.(Russel Wright) Everybody knows everybody, and of course I deal with them on adaily basis, and I grew up with them – I’m from here… When you havesomeone missing like that, it puts a lot, I put a lot into this, intotrying to locate these people.The U.S. Coast Guard, Marine Patrol, and State Police divers have allsearched the rocky coast for the wrecks … NOAA – The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – came to the area to run sonar to see if they could locate the vessels – and possibly find themissing crew member…(Lt. Alan Talbot with marine patrol) There was a huge community support for that whole effort. Rightfrom Senator Collins office right on down. Capt. Bob Peacock was apilot in the area, and was instrumental in getting them down there.Three areas of interest were identified by NOAA – two turned out to benothing… a boat was found in the third spot – but strong currentsprevented crews from bringing it to the surface… the boat was neveridentified. Although the wrecks were never recovered – the memories ofthe men aboard them will never be lost … It’s been a great loss for the community. One of the firstvessels that went down last year was my next door neighbor’s LorenLank, and that’s how this all started.Shelley Tinker lives in Lubec. Her husband is a fisherman — so thisis a cause that’s close to her heart… she’s heading up an effort tocreate a lost fishermen’s memorial in Lubec. There needs to be a place to meet and to be with friends andfamily, and this would be a great spot to gather and remember andreflect and celebrate.A committee has been formed to begin planning and designing thememorial… They want to build it on a plot of land near Lubec’s boatdock. We want to have a beautiful gardens with native plantings. Wewant a stone walkway. We want a statue in the middle with a compassrose in the pavers around the bottom with a stone wall and then wewant places for names, lots and lots of names.Engraved on the memorial would be the names of lost fishermen fromWashington County and Charlotte County… but to get the project startedthe group needs funding…We need around 150 to 180 thousand dollars to make this memorialhappen, and we’ve got 6 thousand so far. So, it’s a start, it’s a goodstart, because we haven’t really pursued anything it just trickles inbecause the people want this to happen