Local Twins Featured on “Let’s Make a Deal” 

Twin sisters from Maine were guests on “Let’s Make a Deal”The 38-year-old twin sisters Terri Pine-Pepin from Lincoln and Tracy Pine-Trecartin of Buxton made a special trip to Las Vegas, and ended up on the 100th episode of the show. The show is a revival of the old game show where members of the audience dress in outlandish costumes to win cash and prizes by making deals with the host Wayne Brady. Terri watched the show with friends and neighbors at Shooters in Lincoln Wednesday. Tracy made an appearance via online video messaging. Terri received a deal-ie, for “best impersonation of an animal,” one of the special awards given out for the best costumes. She and her sister went as Maine coon cats. Tracy was edited out of the final show, but viewers watched as Terri was given the chance to trade her costume award for what was behind curtain number 2. She picked the award which turned out to be worth about 2 thousand dollars after taxes. The sisters decided to split the winnings.