Underage Liquor Seminar 

Underage drinking continues to be a problem, and that includes how minors get the alcohol.On Monday businesses in the Bangor area that sell alcohol underwent training to enhance their ability to spot underage customers.The session was sponsored by Bangor Region Public Health and Wellness, teaming up with the Bangor Police Department.Folks from more than two dozen stores took part.They learned tips on spotting a fake ID’s, and deciding when a person is too drunk to be sold alcohol. “We know that in Penobscot County, over 60% of high school aged students, grades 9 through 12, say that it’s easy or very easy to obtain alcohol. So this is one way to reduce access to alcohol,” Said Willow McVeigh of Bangor Region Public Health and Wellness.Another training session will take place in two weeks.That one is tailored for bar and restaurant workers.For more information, you can log on to