History Made in Eastport 

History was made in Eastport Tuesday.As Meghan Hayward tells us, it’s also a project that’s creating jobs.The largest ocean energy device ever deployed in US waters was unveiled in Eastport.”Today establishes Eastport, Maine as the tidal energy capital of America.”Christopher Sauer, President and CEO of the Ocean Renewable Power Company, says there are a couple of reasons this milestone happened in Eastport.” One is we have the best tidal current in the Eastern Coast of the US here in Eastport, Maine. Second of all we have a workforce here that has worked on the waters for generations.”The company’s turbine generator unit has a capacity rating of 60 kilowatts, it was engineered with composite materials.And nearly all of the project components were made or assembled in Maine.” We will go out into Cobscook Bay. We will lower the turbine generator unit down so it’s directly underneath the barge and as the tidal currents start to build, it will start turning and generating electricity and then of course it will go into flack tide and stop generating and then when the currents reverse, the barge will actually move around the mooring and will go through the same cycle again.”Sauer can’t say enough good things about the Mainers who made this possible. “The workmanship is amazing. We have a lot of hero stories. People have just gone way above and beyond.”The company expects to install the first full-scale grid connected tidal turbine generator unit in Maine in 20-11.