Greenville Hospital Faces Further Cuts 

C.A. Dean Memorial Hospital and nursing home in Greenville could lose nearly $350,000 in state funding.Folks there are opposing another year of cuts at the state level, which C.E.O. Geno Murray says could significantly impact how they do things.He says the 14 bed hospital is essential for the region, since it serves an older population, and the many people who take part in recreational activities in the Moosehead area.The hospital is also a major employer, with 172 people working there.Murray tells us they’re trying to be proactive and find new ways to be more efficient, but the hospital is already running pretty lean. “We’ve got to figure out how to make this work,” Said Murray. “We have an obligation to this community and this area, to provide them with access to health care. And our employees. Our employees are very dedicated.”Murray says the cuts proposed by the state this year would also affect their nursing home, which would lose $170,000.He tells TV5 that while they do work closely with other hospitals, the nearest one is 35 miles away.