Ellsworth Students Celebrate Dr. Seuss Birthday 

Dr. Seuss would have been 106 years old today. The kids at Knowlton Elementary School celebrated the with a day of festivities. “Dr. Seuss day is a fun day all day for the kids,” says physical education teacher Dave Norwood, “so from the beginning to end the whole day is Dr. Seuss.”This is a day they mark on the calendars. “It’s as exciting for them as almost any other special day,” says Norwood, “like a concert day for music or an art show or a field day. It’s an exciting day they look forward to it.”Each classroom decorated their door to honor a different Dr. Seuss book and of course, students had green eggs and ham for lunch. The students say there’s no debate about what the best part of the day is: The Dr. Seuss themed obstacle course.A few students from Ellsworth High School volunteered to take part in the festivities. Some of them, like Danielle Cyr, went to school here just a few years ago. “It brings back memories of when I was a little kid,” Cyr says, “and we used to do this so I think it’s just really great be here and contribute to this.””I think it’s wonderful,” says Taylor Jones, another Ellsorth High School volunteer, “it’s the spirit of dr. seuss all throughout the school today.” Her counterpart Shaye Domagala agrees this day is for the kids. “I like to see a smile on their face and as you can see they’re all very happy,” she says.