Children Collect Donations for Animal Orphanage 

For nearly 20 years, the Animal Orphanage in Old Town has been taking in and caring for stray animals. Donations keep them going, and as they found out Tuesday, that help comes from donors of all ages.The Old Town-Orono Animal Orphanage is caring for about two dozen cats right now. Cats that are well taken care of until they find permanent homes, thanks to donors like these.First and third graders at Lewis Libby School in Milford have been collecting donations for the past two weeks.”We got over 225 dollars. People at the school that helped are very nice. Because I can tell they’re very good animal lovers, and they care about animals a lot,” says third grader, Haylee Hannan.Roberta Fowler with the Animal Orphanage says every dollar helps, since it costs a dollar just to take care of one cat for one day.”Our annual budget, we spend about 56, 57 thousand. We get four thousand from Old Town and four thousand from Orono. The rest we have to raise so it’s a big help, every cent we get,” Fowler says.She says with spring around the corner, the shelter will soon see many more kittens, and these donations are their essentials.”Dry food, moist food, paper towels, bleach, things that we use daily at the orphanage to take care of the animals. We gave them a ‘wish list’ to start with and I see boxes of toys for the animals and all kinds of different things,” Fowler says.”We just spread the word,” says third grader, Gabby McCullagh. “They like to play with toys. It keeps them busy for when they’re bored.”Fowler also took the opportunity to teach children about caring for animals, and to thank them for lending a hand.”They’ve done a great job,” she says. “And as I said to them, when you start when you’re young like that, it carries over into adulthood.”