Pug Puppy Lost Outside For 15 Days Returns Home 

After surviving for 15 days in the woods of Eddington, a 7-month-old pug has been reunited with his family. He not only survived his ordeal without a scratch, but he also helped bring a community together.Until a few weeks ago Heidi Shawley’s pugs had been inseparable. All that changed a few weeks ago. “Bandit and his brother knocked down the fence on the 13th and Bob came back when I called and Bandit kept going. He was looking for a little adventure.”For the next 15 days, adventure is just what Bandit got. He spent that time in the woods while neighbors and friends frantically searched for him. Rhonda Edgecomb joined in on the search. “Eventually we developed what I call the Cruella Deville crawl, which was a technique when we would drive down the street kind of like hunched over looking back and forth for the drive.”While people searched, bandit continued to live up to his name. “We would always be like five minutes behind him,” says Shawley, “we ran through the woods like far down in Eddington where someone had sighted him and we went behind the home and we would be running through the woods and we couldn’t catch him.” When it came to food, Bandit improvised. “He was stealing a lot of cat food from the neighborhood from what I understand and people would leave cat food out for him.”His family admits they got discouraged, but they never gave up hope. “You kind of want to be hopeful, but everything is against you at that point,” says Shawley, “15 days is a long time for a little dog that weighs 16 pounds.”On Sunday, they got word Bandit had been rescued by neighbors. For the entire family, including the other pugs, the news was just what they hoped for. “Oh they were very excited. They wanted to play but he could only play for a couple minutes then he’d have to stop and rest because he was weak.”Bandit goes to the vet for a check up on Tuesday. Shawley says a plan is already in place to keep him from running away again.