Log Home Maker Building Big Future, Even After Fire 

A log home maker in Greenville says the economy had slowed down orders the past few years, but things are finally starting to pick up. And even after a fire destroyed part of their mill last week, the folks at Moosehead Cedar Log Homes say they’re still looking forward to a bright spring.Randall Comber and his wife Lucy own Moosehead Cedar Log Homes. He says they started seeing an upswing in orders late last fall.”A lot more activity, a lot more leads and a lot more firm orders. Our order book is way ahead of where it was last year this time,” Comber says.They manufacture custom-designed log homes, produced at their mill in Greenville. They’re sent all over the East Coast, and even overseas.”Our biggest year was about 80 homes, which was 2005. This year we’re budgeting for about 20 homes, because of the way the market is,” he says.They were encouraged by the recent increase in orders. But last week, fire broke out at their main manufacturing facility, where they cut their logs. The Fire Marshal’s office says there was so much damage, they’ll never know what caused it. But, Managing Director Matt St. Laurent says even this won’t slow them down now.”We have a home going to New York that was supposed to leave Thursday. And that’s being loaded and it will leave Thursday. We have homes going out at the end of March,” St. Laurent says.”We’ve had an outpouring of support from suppliers, vendors, competitors. I mean, if you have to have a tragedy, that kind of warms your heart a little bit,” Comber says.They say thanks to dedicated employees, help in town and even other log home companies, their customers won’t know the difference. Once they get the insurance sorted out, they’ll start rebuilding their mill. And they say through it all they’ll keep on building homes, for the customers they enjoy so much.”Everybody so far we’ve sold to has invited us back into their homes. So it’s kind of nice,” Comber says. “It’s gratifying to see the finished product.”Moosehead Cedar Log Homes is online, at