If You’re Planning on Hitting the Trail, Respect the Property you Tread Upon. 

A national organization has a message for folks who ride off-road recreational vehicles:Respect private property.The group called Tread Lightly held a class at Friend and Friend in Orono this weekend.The eight hour course is designed to educate people on how to behave when they’re riding their off road vehicles on other people’s property.Organizers fear that if this message doesn’t spread quickly, it could have a serious impact on where A.T.V.’s are allowed to ride. “Well it’s certainly been a big issue. Anyone who follows the news knows that the problems with ATV’s and four wheel drives going off road is a big issue,” Said Steve Salisbury from Friend And Friend. “But actually it goes beyond that with mountain bikes and hikers if they don’t respect land owners property and leave it better than they found it there may be some issues with closures.”Tread Lightly will offer one more class in the coming weeks.For more information you can check out their website,