Edgard Anziani Arrested in Maryland 

Almost a week after the death of a fifteen month old boy in Bangor, an arrest has been made.27-year-old Edgard Anziani was taken into custody this afternoon just outside Baltimore, Maryland on an arrest warrant for the murder of Damien Lynn, said Bangor PD SGT Paul Edwards “They had some indications, some info as to his whereabouts and were tracking him basically through New England and from what I understand, it started in Bangor, may have even gone through New York and ended up in Baltimore.”The arrest was made by FBI agents without incident just outside of Baltimore around one o’clock Monday afternoon.For friends of the family, who have spent the last few days by the side of Damien’s mother, it’s a relief.”Excitement, overjoyed,” said Sasha Stecher. “You know the guy’s finally going to get justice and Damien can rest in peace.”Saturday, the FBI announced a ten thousand dollar reward for information on Anziani, and about 48 hours later, made the arrest in Maryland on the murder charge.According to Bangor police, it could still be a couple of days before Anziani is back in the state and booked on charges here, according to SGT. Edwards.”Next, he’ll be hopefully transported back here to Bangor. There may be an extradition of some sort. We may send a couple of guys down to pick him up and bring him back here. The FBI I’m not really quite sure how they do things. They may bring him, transport him for us, but I’m sure it’s going to be more of an extradition. We’ll go get him, bring him back to Bangor PD, probably question him and book him on the murder charge.”The boy’s mother found out just about 20 minutes after the arrest was made.”She is honestly, as good as she can be,” said Kassandra Pulley. “She’s happy that he’s caught, that finally her son can rest,” said Stecher.