Dental Clinic in Bangor 

The Grace United Methodist Church in Bangor held a dental clinic for children and adults Saturday.Meghan Hayward has the story.Tooth Protectors Inc. has only been around for a year but has already served over 1,700 people.” Due to the shortage of dentists in Maine and the limited number of locations where people can access care we started Tooth Protectors to increase access to care and provide services in alternative settings.”There is no charge for children with MaineCare and a low cost for others.President of Tooth Protectors, Sabrina Toye says they started in schools and saw a much bigger need.” We expanded into medical offices, pre-schools, WIC clinics and our newest project is nursing homes.”Toye says they currently serve about 200 alternative settings.Where they provide oral hygiene assessment, oral cancer screening, cleaning, flouride and sealants if needed.Dental hygienist Tammy Chouinard says she can easily relate to her patients.” I was a single mom on State Aid at the time I knew how hard it was to go anywhere and get seen and also how humiliating it could be. So I chose this career because I like to help people and I don’t want to make them feel the way I had to feel when I went in and asked for help.”The most common advice she’s always giving out.” Brush and floss, brush and floss.”Chouinard says it’s also important to remember.” It does not replace a dental exam and X-ray. We’re here to help and work with the dentist not against them.”But all the patients who did walk through the door were satisfied with the services.” If I would have gone to my regular hygienist it would have been double the price.”If you would like more information about Tooth Protectors or try and get them to come to your school or business you can contact them at 513-1111.